Beginners Guide on how to manage Xero CRM Plugin!

As a CRM programmer, I've learned a lot about designing, maintaining, and deploying the Xero CRM plugin. I understand that there is a lot of material available on creating your first plugin. Even if you don't intend to create a plugin yourself, this will better understand the Xero CRM plugin's technical aspects.

What is the Functionality of the Xero CRM Plugin?

The basic idea is that every time you do an activity in CRM, an event execution pipeline process is running behind the scenes. When a specific action occurs, a plugin is simply a piece of code that asks CRM to perform something additional that it doesn't already do. So, to further clarify this concept, let's look at a simple example.


When you press the save button, an event is triggered, informing CRM that you saved a new account. The plugin code is executed in the following manner. For events and record types in CRM, you register custom plugin logic. CRM will then listen for each of these events and execute your code alongside the default process you've assigned to it. Here are a few instances of CRM's most common occurrences:

What is the CRM Event Execution Pipeline, and how does it work with CRM Xero Modules?

The CRM Event Execution Pipeline determines when CRM's default unaltered code runs and when your custom plugin code runs. Essentially, the pipeline ensures that the system's essential functions do not overlap during this process.


You specify CRM not just what events your plugin code should run in but also what steps your custom plugin should take. Allow me to explain. When you click the Save button on the account record created in CRM. In addition, there will be three basic steps to process the event before I complete the saving process.

Pipeline for CRM event implementation

The first step is the pre-verification stage, in which CRM double-checks that all of the data in the record is correct before moving on. If you need to perform further validation, this step will benefit your plugin. The pre-event / pre-operation phase is the second. It is the last step before the data you've entered on a record is committed to the database. It is also the step where you will most likely wish to document any changes to the values before putting the data in CRM.

Why is it Necessary to Create a Xero CRM Plugin?

To begin building custom plugins, you can use any version of Visual Studio. You can either utilize VS Code or download the accessible version of Visual Studio. You're good if your preferred plugin allows you to compile the code.

What's the Difference Between Using a Synchronize Xero CRM Plugin?

You'll opt to run in sync if you're building a plugin and want the user to be notified during the process. It indicates that the user will be notified. When the plugin is finished or if there is a problem on the screen. However, you may wish to execute your perfex crm installation . So which means it will start and stop in the background. Running the plugin this way will not prevent the user from performing their normal tasks. And any errors will be visible in the background and will not be visible to the user.

Should I use an early or late binding code strategy while writing my plugin?

It is debatable, and I've used both, and each has pros and cons. Since you might alter your mind later, let's get into why you'd choose one over the other. Code for the Initial Binding Plugin When you use the initial binding strategy, determining the precise type of property you require for a given record type is significantly easier. It can help speed up development, especially for those team members unfamiliar with the many types of CRM data and CRM object specifics. The main danger of taking the first bound route in my experience is that your Xero CRM plugin will become bloated or exaggerated as a result of the built-in user classes that make connections.


If you use a late-bound method, you'll need to know more about the type of record and data you're working within your plugins, but it'll be a little faster, and you'll be able to if you have a lot of Xero CRM plugin.